Card Making For Mothers Day

Card making is a great way to surprise a mother on Mothers Day. Mothers love to receive cards at Mothers Day - a handmade one is even more special! Our idea is quick and easy, however, the result will look great!

If you like working with paper, you will have most of the material needed at home already. We used little stars to decorate ours - feel free to use whatever suits your project!

Time needed:

15-30 minutes

What you need:

  • scissors
  • red paper or card
  • pink heart-shaped sticky notes or pink paper
  • hearts, stars etc
  • glue

1. Cut a heart out of the red paper.

2. Place a heart-shaped sticky note in the centre. If you can't find one of these, cut out a smaller heart from pink paper and glue it on.

3. Fold the heart in half.

4. Decorate it with hearts or stars.

5. Ask someone to help you write a poem or message to your mum and say thank you for all the hard work she's doing!


You like this idea but you want to vary it slightly? Have a look at this variation:


1. Fold a piece of paper in half.

2. Decorate a heart with a funny face - you can use wobbly eyes, hearts, stars or simply draw on it.

3. Glue it onto your piece of paper at a jaunty angle.

4. Add long folded legs with feet to create a nice effect!

You don't want to just give a card? Have a look at our other ideas for Mothers Day!

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