Coffee Filter Snowflake Crafts

Coffee Filter Snowflake

Our coffee filter snowflake crafts idea combines two of our favourite craft ideas: our coffee filter Easter bunny and our Origami snowflake.

It's a great toddler activity and will be quite an eye-catcher in your windows.

It's also an interesting Christmas arts and craft activity as it teaches children about what happens when you spray a drawing with water.

It's easy to set up, too and not too messy - as it's washable markers that you are using, it's also easy to clean, should something go a bit wrong. They also wash out of clothes and are a firm favourite in our house!

We've used slightly brown coffee filters which made the colours look slightly dull - I would recommend using white ones if you can get them.

Coffee filter snowflake crafts instructions

What you need:

  • round coffee filters
  • washable markers
  • water to spray
  • a tray or plate to keep the water from being spilled too much
  • scissors
  • pencil

1. Start by drawing random lines and circles etc. I found that it works better if you are not using too many different colours as it might end up just being brown once the colours blend into each other.

2. Put the coffee filters on a tray or plate and gently spray them with water until they are completely wet. You might need less water than you think.

They might look at first as if nothing much is happening but after a while you can see the colours mixing.

3. Let them dry completely.

4. Once they are completely dry, fold them in half, then again and again. For younger children it will be easier if they have a larger piece as they will be able to hold it better when cutting.

5. Draw a pattern. If you are not entirely sure how to do this have a look at our Origami Snowflake where I've explained it in more detail.

What I really love about these snowflakes is that they will all look different from each other.

6. Unfold and display in your windows!


I did this coffee filter snowflakes crafts activity with our two year old son and he loved it. He's the perfect age, too, as he loves doodling.

The washable markers that we used for this project are from Crayola - a really high quality brand whose products we love a lot!

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