Halloween Origami Monster for Kids

Make your own Halloween origami monster by following our step-by-step instructions. Origami for kids is a great way to help them develop their fine motor skills as they need to be quite accurate when folding the paper.

I really like paper crafts as it doesn't require a lot of material - a bit of paper and glue is sufficient for this craft idea. That's why this could make a good activity for a kids party, too! These little paper hand puppets will entertain them for a while for sure!

Origami or paper-folding often seems difficult - this is an excellent model for young children to start with. It's not too difficult and they will enjoy the result.

Another idea how to use this origami model is as a fortune teller or cootie catcher - a brilliant game that, I am sure, most of us will remember from our childhood. Find out more about this here.

Time needed:

30 minutes

What you need:

  • square paper in different colours
  • bits of paper to decorate the "monsters"
  • scissors
  • glue
easy kids Halloween origami

1. Fold the square in the middle and unfold again. Fold it again along the other side and unfold again. You'll now see four squares that will guide you where to fold next.

2. Fold all four corners into the middle. You should have another square after that. Turn it over so that the corners that are open face down.

3. Just as before, fold the corners into the middle so that you end up with another smaller square.

4. Turn it over again. You should now have four little corner pockets.

5. Fold it in half along the middle line, unfold and fold it along the other middle line. This will make unfolding it all easier.

6. Unfold it by putting a finger and a thumb into each of those little pockets.

7. Decorate with eyes and tongues. You can also cut into the top to make it look like hair!


Have a look at our other craft ideas for kids - party invitations, decorations or even some yummy cupcakes are only some of the things we can suggest for a spooky party!

If your child likes folding paper and creating different things from it, have a look at our ideas for folded paper animals as well!

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