Halloween Pompoms

Our Halloween Pompoms will make a lovely decoration for your house. Everyone knows these little balls of yarn and most of us has made one already. They are easy and quick to make as well. They will also make a perfect gift!

How to make a Pompom using Card

There are two ways to make a pompom - the old fashioned one with 2 pieces of card or a one with plastic half-circles that come in several sizes.

There are certain advantages to either way, however, if you like making pompoms, I think it worth investing in those as making the balls will be much quicker.

I use one like the Susan Bates one but the others should work equally well.

How to make a Pompom using Card

1. Cut out two card circles the size you want your pompom to be. Cut out a smaller circle in the middle. The outer circle will determine the size of your pompom. Don't make the inner circle too small, either!

2. Start wrapping the wool around - use it double to be faster. Go in circles and keep adding wool. Start a new thread when needed.

To make a muli-coloured pompom, simply use different colours of wool.

3. When you can get through the middle circle anymore, cut the thread off.

4. Carefully cut through the wool.

5. Tightly wrap a bit of wool between the cardboard circles to hold the pompom together.

6. Fasten off and cut the card off. Trim into shape.


Scary Bat Halloween Pompom

Time needed:

1 hour

What you need:

  • black wool
  • wobbly eyes
  • black felt or foam
  • glue
Halloween Pompom Bat

1. Make a black pompom and trim it so it looks even.

2. Glue the ears on.

3. Glue the wings on.

4. Glue the wobbly eyes on.

5. You can also add a bit of read yarn as a mouth and a bit of fur for hair.


They will make a nice decoration if you hang them up! Make them in different sizes so you have a whole group of them!

Pompom Pumpkin

Time needed:

45 - 60 minutes

What you need:

  • orange wool
  • black felt or foam
  • green pipecleaner
  • scissors
  • glue
Pompom Pumpkin

1. Make an orange pompom and trim it so it looks even.

2. Cut out eyes, nose and mouth.

3. Cut off a bit of the green pipecleaner and bend it slightly. Glue in on.


These Pompom Pumpkins will also make nice decorations for Halloween!

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