Halloween party invitation

A scary card invitation for a Halloween party is only one of the many things that make Halloween special.

Our pumpkin cards are quick and easy to make but will nevertheless look stunning!

Pumpkin Card made with card

All we need is some paper and glue and off we go - this idea really is as quick and easy as can be! It probably is good that it is: if you're planning to have a big party, there are probably enough cards to make to keep the whole family busy and amused for a while. Of course, you can change the template and make them all look completely individual!

Time needed:

10 minutes

What you need:

  • orange paper or card
  • black paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
Halloween invitation

1. Cut the orange paper to size and fold it in half.

2. Draw a scary pumpkin face onto the black paper and carfully cut it out. Cut out the eyes and the mouth as well.

3. Glue it onto the orange card.

4. Write your scary Halloween message inside the card!


This really couldn't be any quicker and easier to get a lovely card to give to your friends and family for Halloween!

Of course, you can vary this idea quite easily. Stick to the theme of orange and black but use other Halloween monsters etc. Why not draw a cats face or a scary hand? A bat or a spider would look really good as well!

Cardboard Printing

If you would like to make several cards of the same theme, why not try cardboard printing. It's easy and fun and the result is great! It needs a little preparation but once you have your template, the cards are very quickly produced.

Time needed:

15 minutes to prepare your template

What you need:

  • pumpkin template (cardboard, pencil, cutter, glue)
  • orange paint
  • card of different colour
  • paint brush

1. Prepare your template: draw a pumpkin onto a piece of cardboard and carefully cut it using the cutter.

2. Glue it onto a bigger piece of cardboard.

3. Generously apply the orange paint.

4. Firmly press it onto your folded card.

5. You can now continue to decorate your invitation - add a frame or similar!


If you like working with paper, have a look at our Halloween pumpkin decoration that will add this special touch around the house!

If you're looking for another spooky delight for your party, have a look at our Halloween cupcake recipe. It's quick and easy to make and tastes yummy!

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