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Kids Christmas crafts and Christmas gifts made by children are ever so special and always a hit with everybody. Encourage your kids to take an active part in preparing for Christmas!

When it gets colder and darker outside it can be a challenge to entertain the children inside the house.

Kids Craft Ideas has a great variety of activities that you can do with your children. Some of them will need you to be there and help, while others can be done independently by older children once you've started them off.

Most of our Christmas projects are based on paper crafts. We will show you how to make your own Christmas tree decorations and get creative with paper and glue.

Washi Tape Christmas Cards

Washi tape Christmas cards are a great and easy Christmas craft idea for children.

I have only recently discovered washi tape but I've quickly come to love it!

Coffee Filter Snowflake Crafts

Make some colourful snowflakes for your Christmas windows - it's a great toddler activity as well as good cutting practice for older children. Plus, it's not messy!

Christmas Collage Ideas

Making a Christmas collage is a great way to get the little ones involved in decorating the house.

You can glue the pieces onto a background or simply glue them all together to stick them onto your windows.

Smaller kids can help decorate the background or colour different body parts.

We have got free templates to download as PDF files, all you need is some paper, glue and scissors.

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Handmade Christmas decorations are ever so special and great fun to make!

Our first idea is a stained glass star using tissue paper - what's best about it is that it is absolutely mess free as we are not using any glue!

Another, slightly messier project is our Origami Christmas tree - great for both younger and older children.

3D paper stars

A quick way of creating some nice Christmas decoration with paper are 3D paper stars.  As they are three dimensional they look very impressive in any window. They are surprisingly quick and easy to make, too!

Origami snowflakes

 A nice alternative to these stars are origami snowflakes.  Origami snowflakes are a quick and easy way to create some atmosphere around the house. It's always fun to unfold them and see what they look like!

Origami Snowflak

Christingle candles

A more traditional way to create some atmosphere around the house are Christingle candles. Christingle oranges are relatively easy to make even for little ones and have a great spicy aroma.

Kids Christmas crafts Christmas cookie

Can you smell this? You must have discovered the recipe for our Christmas cookies! Fun and easy to make, they are a must-have before Christmas.

Everyone will love them and you can even use them to decorate your tree, should you be able to resist eating them straight away!

Reindeer Rudolph

What would Christmas be without our favourite Reindeer Rudolph! Cone decorations are easy and fun to make and you can turn them into any Christmas character you like.

They look great displayed around the house or hanging in your windows or on your tree.

Homemade Christmas Cards

Homemade Christmas Cards are a must at Christmas! They are inexpensive but great fun to make and give away.

Have a look - you'll find free templates and step-by-step instructions for another of our free kids Christmas crafts ideas!

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