Halloween Mask

Let your imagination run wild and create a unique Halloween mask. This idea can be adapted in as many ways you want and can also be a great activity for a party.

We are using paper plates for this activity which are great for children to decorate according to their wishes.

We decided to make a skull as it is the quickest and easiest to make and doesn't need much preparation or material.

Time needed:

30 minutes

What you need:

  • white paper plates
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • black felt-tipped pen
  • elastic cord

1. Draw a skull on your paper plate.

2. Hold it against your face and ask someone to mark where the eyes and the nose should be. Also mark where the wholes for the elastic cord should be.

3. Carefully cut out the eyes and around the nose. Use the felt-tipped pen to colour in the eyes and the nose.

4. Pierce the holes for the elastic cord. You can use a hole punch for this.

5. For a nice effect, use a bit of the paper plate that you cut off to make the mouth. Colour in the middle, creating the teeth. Glue it onto the face where the mouth should be.

6. Check the length of the elastic cord, make a knot through one end and then thread it through one of the holes. Then knot the other end through the second hole.


As we said, there is no limit to the possible variations. You could cut the bottom half of the paper plate off and create a cat, use the whole plate for a pumpkin or create your own personal scary monster! Children usually have a very clear idea of what they want to create and most of the time are a lot more creative than adults!

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