Easy Origami for Kids

Are you looking for easy to make origami for kids? We've got clear step-by-step instructions how to make paper hats, boats and pin wheels (will follow shortly).

Paper craft ideas are great because you don't need a lot of material. Especially for paper hats and boats, you can recycle old newspaper if you want to make them quickly and not use coloured paper.

I hope you and your kids will enjoy making these!

Paper Hats
Paper Ships
Origami Sun

Paper hats

Making paper hats is one of the easiest ways to fold paper - however, I find that often easy things are the most fun! What's great is that you only need paper, no scissors or glue! Enjoy!

Time needed:

15-30 minutes

What you need:

  • large rectangular paper

1. Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half along the longer sides.

2. Keep it folded, then fold again along the longer sides - as it is shown in the pictures. Unfold again.

3. Fold the right upper corner towards the middle - use the folded line as a guide.

4. Fold the left upper corner the same way towards the middle.

5. Now fold the lower part of the paper up.

6. Do this on both sides.

7. Fold the front corners backwards and vice versa.


You can also decorate your hats if you want to - be a pirate or a firefighter!

Paper Ship

Once you have made a paper hat, it is very easy to turn it into a paper ship. With a few more steps, you will have made a lovely paper ship!

Time needed:

15-30 minutes

What you need:

  • rectangular paper (A4 will make a nice sized ship)

1. Follow all the steps of how to make a paper hat, then fold the corners of the longer end onto each other so that you get a triangle that looks like in the picture.

2. Fold the bottom corner (the open one) onto the top one.

3. Repeat this step on the other side.

4. With the help of your thumbs, open the hat-like shape and fold the corners of the longer end onto each other.

This should happen almost automatically and your folded paper should look like in the image.

5. Gently pull both corners to the side so that it opens up.

6. Your little paper ship is done and should look like this!


You could now also add a mast to it and decorate it!

Origami Sun

Another great origami for kids idea it this easy to make sun. Especially on those rainy days we are all waiting for the sun to come out behind those clouds.

By making your own sun and hanging it in your windows you can get a summer feeling at any time of the year!

Time needed:

30 -45 minutes

What you need:

  • 8 pieces of square, yellow paper
  • glue

1. Fold the paper diagonally in the middle.

2. Open it up again.

3. Fold one of the corners into the middle. Then do the same with the other corner. Repeat this with all the eight pieces.

4. Glue the individual pieces together by overlapping them.


You can use different colours and make several different suns for your windows!

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