Origami Animals

There are so many origami animals you can make! Have a look at our first tutorial how to make a fish by folding paper! It is very addictive and you will find you won't be able to stop making them! And using different sizes and colours of paper will make nice effects as well.

Fascinating Fish

If you make several of these fish in different sizes and colours, you can create a fascinating underwater world! The fishes are not too difficult to make and with a little help even beginners can make them.

Time needed:

30 minutes

What you need:

  • coloured paper 10cm x 10 cm
  • black pen for the eyes
  • wobbly eyes and glue (optional)

1. Fold the sides and the corners onto each other and open up again. Your paper will show lines like in the picture.

2. Fold the four sides to the middle fold and unfold every time again.

3. Your paper should look like this now. Turn it over.

4. Fold one of the corners to the centre and turn the paper over again.

5. Put the corners up and then fold the sides inwards like shown in the picture.

6. Your fish should look like this now. Fold the tail up along the dotted line to create the tail fin.

7. Now draw an eye and a mouth on your fish. You can also use wobbly eyes to make your fish look more alive!


Once you are used to folding this fish with paper, have a go with other materials such as aluminium foil - your fish will look very shiny!

Did you like this idea? We're going to add another animal soon!

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