Origami Snowflakes

Origami snowflakes are easy to make but look very impressive in any room of your house. You don't need much material for them and you can vary them easily. In fact, I would find it quite difficult to make two snowflakes look the same if I wanted to! You can use them as window decoration or for your tree - if you peg them onto a cord, you'll have a nice line to put up in your house.

Time needed:

15 minutes

What you need:

  • thin white square paper (thick paper might make it too difficult to cut)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • cord
  • pegs

1. Fold the paper in half by putting one corner onto the other - you should then have a triangle.

2. Fold the triangle in half again by putting the left corner onto the right.

3. Without turning the paper, again fold it in half - have a close look at the picture if you're not sure how to fold it.

4. Your piece of paper should look like this now. Make sure the closed side is to the right.

5. Use the pencil to draw lines where you want to cut - be careful that you don't cut through the side that's connected. In our picture, we will cut out the lined part. The coloured part is what will be left!

6. Carefully unfold and flatten, then peg onto a cord if you want! Otherwise just display it in your windows. You can also glue some tissue paper on the back of it to create some nice frosty atmosphere.


Using differently coloured paper will create a nice effect!

Ready to make some more Christmas decoration out of paper? A 3D Paper Star is easy to make and looks very impressive hanging in a window or on a Christmas tree. You can use the same idea to make hearts and trees as well! Have a look!

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