Ladybird Paperweight

Air-drying clay is the perfect material to make a paperweight for Fathers Day! Dads will love to take them to the office or use them at home to sort their desks out and remind them of their loved ones.

Letters and paper will be kept in place with these easy to make and useful animals. The clay dries over night and is ready to be painted the following day.

Ladybirds and Bumble Bees are both very easy animals to shape, and make ideal projects for younger modelers. The round shape of the animal makes them ideal for their future task!

Time needed:

  • 5 minutes to form the animal
  • drying over night
  • 30 minutes to paint it

What you need:

  • air-drying clay
  • acrylic paint in different colours
  • paintbrush

1. Form the clay into the shape of your animal. For a ladybird you can begin with a ball and roll it into a slightly flatter oval shape. A bee should be short sausage shape, with two small wings attached to the top.

2. Leave the animal shape to dry over night.

3. Paint the animal in suitable colours. It is best to first of all paint the entire animal with the lightest colour, and to then leave it to dry. This will form the base coat. For a ladybird paint the entire animal red, for the bee paint it yellow.

4. After the base coat has dried, the detail can be added with a second, darker colour. A ladybird should have a black head, a thin black line between the wings, and black spots on the wings. A bumble bee should have some black stripes across its body and the wings should be white.


The ladybird and the bee are two of the simplest animals to create from clay, but other animals are also fun and simple to make, such as a turtle or a spider.

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