Paper Pot

A paper pot is a useful little container to have at home and can also make a lovely homemade gift idea - either filled with sweets or just by itself!

And there's always some old paper around the house - at least in my house it just seems to appear out of nowhere! So, let's not just throw it away, let's recycle it with this paper crafts idea for kids - and adults as well, of course!

Time needed:

  • 20 minutes to make the bowl
  • drying time
  • 20 minutes to decorate the bowl

What you need:

  • old newspaper
  • coloured paper, magazines, coloured foil, old comics etc
  • vaseline
  • a balloon
  • wallpaper paste
  • brush
  • card
  • scissors

1. Tear the paper into strips and get your wallpaper paste ready. Blow up the balloon and cover it with vaseline. This will help to get the dry bowl off.

2.  Spread some paste over the balloon and start covering it with paper. The first layer will look a bit rough but the more you put on, the smother it will become.

3. Continue to add layers to the balloon (about six layers should be enough). Then let it dry in a warm place.

4. Once dry, carefully take to balloon out and trim off the rough edges to turn it into a neat bowl.

5. Cut a strip off the card and use it to make the base. Tape it on and cover it with paste and paper.

6. Cover the bowl with coloured paper and decorate it inside and out.


What do you think? You can make the bowls bigger or smaller depending on the balloon you use. They can make a lovely addition anywhere in the house or you could fill them with sweets or other little gifts and give them away as a present!

If you like this idea, have a look at our other projects for a rainy day! There are lots of other ideas that use paper, such as our Origami Animals for example!

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