Rainy Day Activities

Finding rainy day activities can prove to be particularly challenging when you have got kids. However, a well-stocked craft cupboard can keep the entire family happily occupied.

Most people will have the material needed for our projects at home already - ready to start the fun straight away!

Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles are a lot of fun to make and play with. We started off with a calming glitter bottle and then couldn't stop experimenting. So we also made an ocean wave bottle and a bubbly bottle! Have a look!

Sensory bottles

Marble Painting

Marble painting is a lot of fun and the result is never quite the same! We'll show you two different ways of how to do it!

Marble painting

Popsicle Stick Catapult

This is a brilliant project for a rainy afternoon - it's a lot of fun building it and then even more fun using it!

Popsicle Stick Catapult

How to make salt dough

Salt dough is very quick and easy to make and there is almost no limit as to what you can do with it. By adding some drops of food colouring you can easily make some coloured dough, too.

It is great for children of different ages - toddlers and preschoolers as well as older kids!

How to make salt dough

Toddler Activities

Creating something with your toddler can be great fun for both adult and child.

We have some easy to follow ideas how to get creative with your toddler.

Have a go at our Tissue Paper Collage or our Heart Art  - they will definitely create some lovely results.

Remember, though, art and craft with toddlers is all about the process and not about the result!

Paper Sun With Straws

Flower decorated with Tissue Paper Balls

Tissue Paper Collage

Coffee Filter Easter Bunny

Easter Egg Collage

Heart Art

Heart Art 2


Tissue Paper Heart

Pipecleaner Butterfly

Weaving your own Rainbow Web

Time spent inside the house can be perfect to create some lovely decorations. Weaving your own rainbow web can be a great way to pass a wet day.

Depending on the colours you use, you will create a nice summery atmosphere around your house!

Weaving your own Rainbow Web

Party Decorations

If your like origami and paper folding, these party decorations might be what you were looking for.

They are easy to make and you can vary the colour of the paper according to your theme.

Party Decorations

Origami for Kids

We've added some easy to follow origami ideas that could easily become a favourite amongst your rainy day activities!

Paper Hat

Paper Ship

Origami Sun

Origami Animals

I really like working with paper. Especially folding paper is one of my favourite craft ideas.

Have a look at our Origami Animals section. We have just added a Fascinating Fish!

Origami Fish

Origami Chicken

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Have you ever wondered what you could do with all those empty toilet paper rolls?

Have a look at our ideas here!




Paper Pots

A nice project for a rainy day are these little paper pots.They're easy to make and lovely to have around the house. Fill them with sweets and chocolate and they can also make a nice little gift for any occasion!

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