Tetra Pack Vase - a recycle craft project

Recycle craft is getting more and more popular. Tetra Packs of every type make some great vases or pots and they are especially suitable as they are already waterproof and you can decorate them in many ways. Paint them or stick stickers on them - they will look great on any table and will make a popular gift on Mothers Day or any other occasion.

And of course, they are quick and easy to make as well! Everyone will admire your vases and won't believe that they are made from a used Tetra Pack! And you will feel good about reusing something that otherwise would have just ended in the bin!

Time needed:

30 minutes (doesn't include drying time)

What you need:

  • Tetra Pack
  • scissors
  • white acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • stickers etc to decorate
  • glue

1. Cut off the top of the Tetra Pack - be careful when working with scissors.

2. Wash the Tetra Pack thoroughly and let it dry.

3. Colour it in white and let it dry. If you can still see the letters afterwards, put another layer of white paint on and let dry.

4. If you would like your vase to have a different colour, add another coat in your preferred colour and let it dry.

5. Why it's drying, you can draw flowers etc to decorate the vase. You could also use the hole punch to make confetti to stick on afterwards. You can also use ribbons etc. In our example, we used a heart that we created with the help of my son Alex - how to make a heart using paint and sponges.

6. Once the paint is dry, glue your decoration on.


A quick alternative to painting the Tetra Pack with acrylic paint, is to simply cut wrapping paper to size and glue it on. Every mum will love a homemade vase filled with flowers on Mothers Day!

If you want to add another self-made gift, have a look at our heart-shaped Mothers Day card!

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