Magic Bag Trick

Our magic bag is definitely a great trick for any party! It is quick and easy to make and doesn't require a lot of material.

The magic works like this: put something small and light such as a stamp or a cut-out ghost, pumpkin etc into one of the openings, close the bag and say a loud "Abracadabra!" and wave your hands over the bag in a circle just as a magician would do. Open the second opening without anyone noticing and show the audience. Everyone will be surprised to see that the bag is definitely empty. Use the same ritual to get your stamp back!

Time needed:

30 minutes

What you need:

  • coloured paper (A5) - use thin paper as it will fold better
  • crayons to decorate
  • stars etc to glue onto the bag
  • glue

1. Fold the paper in half and open it up again. You can see a line where the middle is.

2. Fold the bottom left corner to the middle line.

3. Fold the bottom right corner to the middle line. By doing that, you will also fold a part of the already folded left corner again.

4. Following the same instructions, fold the top right corner to the middle, then the top left - again folding part of the already folded corner.

5. Fold the square along the middle line, so that the folded corners are in the middle.

6. This is the slightly difficult part: slide the two open corners into each other so that you have a bag in the shape of a triangle with two openings.

7. If you want, decorate the bag with little stars or draw something on it.


We hope that you have a lot of fun with this little magic bag!

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