Washi tape Christmas cards

Washi tape Christmas cards are a great and easy Christmas craft idea for children.

I have only recently discovered washi tape but I've quickly come to love it - the possibilities are sheer endless - you can use it for all kinds of craft activities with your kids.

I always try and buy it when I find an offer of several themed rolls as the price used to keep me from getting just one roll - I don't like wasting money...

If you would like to know more about Washi tape click here - it will take you to a wikipedia article.

How to make a round Christmas ornament

What you need:

  • different colours of Christmas themed washi tape
  • white paper or card
  • small glass
  • a greeting card (or you cut and fold card to size)
  • glue ( I used double sided sellotape)
  • gold felt-tip pen
  • scissors
Washi Tape Christmas cards

1. Use your small glass to help you draw circles on your paper or card.

2. Cut some strips of washi tape for your children. Older children will be able to do this themselves, of course.

3. Show your child how to stick the tape on the paper so that the whole circle is covered.

4. The outline should still be visible - this will make cutting it out much easier. Otherwise just use your glass again.

5. Let your child cut out the circle.

6. Stick onto your greeting card and draw a string.

7. You can also add a sentiment like "Merry Christmas" to your card.


I think the result looks stunning - we'll be making a lot of these washi tape Christmas cards. They are quick and easy to make which is great if your kids are like mine: very enthusiastic but quickly bored...

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